Neat Geek Affiliate Program

So what is an affiliate program and how does Neat Geek's work?

What is an Affiliate program: An affiliate program is a way where you can earn money from your site or blog by referring people to the site. You can put links on your website, in emails or anything else (that conforms to our policy) with a little tag in the url that indicates it came from you. We keep track of these as visitors come in and if they purchase items you earn a commission. That's all there is to it, put some links up and you get paid!

What's Neat Geek's Affiliate program: The nitty gritty first, it doesn't cost you anything and there is a 5% commission for every sale (excluding postage). So a $100 sale, earns you $5.00. An we keep track of that visitor for 90 days (3 months-ish), so if they come back later and buy more you get commission on that too! Heres some example figures to give you an idea....

Weekly Visitors Sales
(based on 5%)
(Based on $50 Purchase)
Repeat Business
(Based on 20% revisiting)
Repeat Commission
(Based on $50 Purchase)
Annual Income
20 1$2.500$-$130.00
100 5$12.501$2.50$780.00
1000 50$125.0010$25.00$7,800.00

The first step is to register with us or if you have already log in.

After that you will be returned here and you can complete the affiliate applications.

Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

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