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When you refer a person to Neat Geek you earn a 5% commission on all referrals that person makes for the next 90 days (3 months-ish). If you re-refer them the period is extended for another 90 days after that date. Once you balance reaches $30 you can request for your balance to be transferred to your nominated paypal account at any time. How much you earn depends on how many visitors you sent in and how you lead them into the site. Lots of visitors mean more earnings but also if you put some effort into leading them on to the right page or the right kind of visitor, a high percentage will purchase something. And we are always happy to help you get it right.

Here's some example figures to give you an idea....

Weekly Visitors Sales
(based on 5%)
(Based on $50 Purchase)
Repeat Business
(Based on 20% revisiting)
Repeat Commission
(Based on $50 Purchase)
Annual Income
20 1$2.500$-$130.00
100 5$12.501$2.50$780.00
1000 50$125.0010$25.00$7,800.00


Each affiliate gets a unique tracking number. With that number you can director to any page on Neat Geek with just adding '?aff=[your ID]' to any url. Eg to direct to the home page and have us track that visitor, the url would be[your_id] or perhaps a specific item or search[your_id]. We keep track of that visitor through their IP address ( so, unlike other sites, if cookies are blocked you still get credited. ) or if they create an account through whatever PC they use. Each time they visit and purchase something your account gets updated. We put a lot of effort into making sure that individuals are identified to their unique accounts for lots of reasons ,so rest assured that when a person visits, we do our best to identify them and credit you with their referral.

Our affiliate tracking page is updated live, so you can refresh it as often as you like and see the visitors come in. If you are worried you can also refer yourself or a friend and make sure those visits are getting tracked against you.

Code and Samples

Writing html/php/javascript etc code isn't always easy, so we are always very happy to help. Below are some samples and if you want anything special just ask.

Neat Geek
Neat Geek
Neat geek


We do not support any kind of spamming techniques to drive visitors. If you are caught doing this then your account will be suspended and any accrued amounts forfeited. If you are in doubt or worried if something could be counted as spamming the just ask us.

Some of the safe ways to advertise:

Some of the unsafe ways to advertise:

Frequently Asked Questions

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