Personal Library Kit

Personal Library Kit
Personal Library KitPersonal Library Kit Contents
For the geekiest of you bibliophiles, this kit lets you lend out your books without losing them. Knock Knocks Personal Library Kit allows you to keep track of your personal collection of books. Like the real library, you apply the self adhesive pockets inside the front page, fill out the lending card when you lend it out and stamp the pocket with the return date (if you are that pushy) to remind them you want it back at some point.

The Kit Contains:
  • 20 Self Adhesive Pockets
  • 20 Check Out Cards
  • Date Stamp
  • Stamp Pad
  • Genuine Pencil
The Refill Contains
  • 15 Self Adhesive Pockets
  • 15 Check Out Cards

  • Personal Library Kit Refill$13.95
    Lots left in stock
    Personal Library Kit$29.95
    All sold out. We can mail you when they are back in.


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