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If you are a pet owner and a geek then this is an essential kit. The FroliCat Twitch swings a teasing toy around randomly to keep your cat on it's game. The FroliCat Bolt and Dart are both glorified laser pointers that, while simple, seem to have gotten the mechanics right to bounce a laser pointer at the right speed in a good semi-random pattern that keep cats and dogs amused for hours. And if we are honest, amuses the owners soooo much too.

The Bolt

The Bolt is a smaller of the laser devices that can be set down on the floor or table and does its thing for 15 minutes. It has got a slider on the back to adjust the height (so it hits all the right places no matter where you put it). It is also easy to hold if you want to but hey, you would just get a laser pointer if you wanted to hold it.

The Dart

The Dart is the larger of the two laser devices and does the same thing but in 360 degrees, i.e. more running for your puppy! It has got a control on the top that lets you set the speed for your energetic or lazy cats/dogs, an adjustable timer and 16 different modes of play for you to mess with.

The Twitch

The Twitch swings and dangles a tempting cat toy for you kitty to try and attack. A press of the button sets it going for 10 minutes or there is a play while you're away mode that set it going off randomly through the day.

They all require batteries, not included.

FroliCat Bolt$39.95
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BOLT™ Wins Best in Show

FroliCat™ BOLT™ swept the awards at 2009 Global Pet Expo, the pet industry's largest annual trade show, held in Orlando, Florida. BOLT was named Best in Show in the Cat Category.

FroliCat Bolt in Action

Frolicat Dart In Action

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